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I'm that dude! Watch the first sequence of these 2 babes and me. LOVE MY LIFE.

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4 years ago
lmao same guy who couldn’t stop flexing and pretending he was a badass in the first video he did is now taking it in the ass?? man the universe has a sick sense of humor and I love it.
Dick 4 years ago
Fuck their pussy don’t get fucked
gaybashing 4 years ago
fuckin homophobic piece of shit americans, probably all closets anyways if you watched it. Go watch something else if its not your thing. guys a fucking meatball, but that doesnt mean you have to be so fucking hateful.
Okay 4 years ago
Bruh wtf is this
4 years ago
Who is the hippy bitch??
Wait 4 years ago
That dude got a dildo in his butt, thas gay
4 years ago
What the girl with the ponytail name?
Not this dipshit... 4 years ago
Not this dipshit again! Hes a fucking tool!
4 years ago
Damn they are some fucking sexy people coming from a bisexual person
Well 4 years ago
Goes to show you don't need a big dick to fuck hot girls